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Online Raffle - Come look, it's a free online Raffle!

Come check out RaffleDog.com. They are now our official sponsor for all raffles. Raffle Dog holds weekly raffles (soon to be daily) and is completely free to enter! They raffle off everything from Amazon Gift Cards to Handbags. Sign up now!


Follow the link below.

Win Free Prizes Online


We are the official sponsors for our friends at www.SaveRalph.com.  Since we are huge fans of the Howard Stern Show we decided to help fund raffles for our friends at SaveRalph.com. 

SaveRalph.com is an online petition to help support Howard Stern’s good friend and frequent caller to the show.  Many of the listeners hate him but this is a petition to support him.  Since we are big fans we decided to support the movement. 

Please feel free to visit the site at: www.SaveRalph.com  (be aware that you should be over 18 to visit this site because of some graphic language)


If you want to become a sponsor of this site and send in free stuff for us to raffle please email us at:


In return we will advertise your product, website or service on our site.  Thanks.

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