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Whats the PC Fix?

This site was created in order to help your spyware problem. Spyware is the most common type of computer problem today. This will in the end slow windows xp and all operating systems. We provide a free spyware fix and VIDEOS for your problem. Each step has its own video so you can see us go through the steps in fixing your spyware problem. It really does work and let us know if you have any questions.

How did I get Spyware?

It is usually bundled with peer-to-peer software like Kazza. Other programs that you download for free (Free-Ware) could have a small spyware program with it.

What does it do to my computer?

Makes it slow. It uses your computer memory to run in the background. The system may crash or be unstable from having all those small programs running without you even knowing. It also can make your Internet connection slow by using bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of data that your Internet connection uses. So how do I get rid of Spyware you ask? Check out THE PC FIX that uses the best spyware protection software for FREE and fix a slow computer at last.
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Spyware Fix
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